Friday 30 April 2010

Feel Good Friday - Green Office Week 2010

Today's tips are:

  1. Display your Green Office Week window sticker with pride
  2. Turn your radiator down one degree and keep it there
  3. Tell your local and trade press what you've done
  4. Share tips and feedback
  5. Tell everyone in your office how much energy & money you've saved.

Wednesday 28 April 2010

Think Ahead Thursday - Green Office Week 2010

Yesterday was Waste Not Wednesday, and am pleased to say that again we already had most of the practices in place.

Today's tips are:

  1. Save cash & make friends - find someone to car share with tomorrow
  2. Set up a green ideas scheme with encourages and rewards green thinking
  3. Try a teleconference rather than travelling to your next meeting
  4. Go walkabout in your office & find 5 things that need changing
  5. Read the Green Office for Dummies Guide

Waste Not Wednesday - Green Office Week 2010

Yesterday was Choose Right Tuesday, and I think we had a bit of a head start as we already did tips 1, 3 and 4, and with toner cartridges we make sure we recycle any that we use.

Today's tips are:

  1. See if you can go the whole day without printing any emails
  2. Remove individual bins & replace with recycling bins
  3. Arrange for dripping taps to be repaired
  4. Reuse old envelopes and packagaing
  5. Turn off mobile phone chargers at the socket

Tuesday 27 April 2010

Choose Right Tuesday - Green Office Week 2010

Yesterday was Make a Start Monday, the first of Green Office Week. As far as the tips went, we did ok - all except for buying a plant - however I will definitely have one before the week is over.

Today's tips are all about making the right choices whether purchasing, throwing away, even drinking your tea.

1. Reject plastic cups and invest in a mug instead
2. Opt for a cycle courier rather than a man with a van
3. Order FSC approved environmentally products where possible
4. Use a bulldog clip to transform scrap paper into notepads
5. Request remanufactured toner cartridges


Monday 26 April 2010

Make a Start Monday - Green Office Week 2010

Today is Make a Start Monday, in conjunction with Green Office Week.

At BSS, we are environmentally aware, and I have blogged previously about being a Green Web Design Comany, but there is always room to do a little bit more!

Today's Tips are:
  1. Pledge your support at 
  2. Spread the word
  3. Buy a plant for your desktop 
  4. Switch off all electrical equipment before you go home
  5. Find out what environmental policy your company has