Thursday, 5 February 2009

Page 2 for Web Design Swansea

I hadn't forgotten about the Great SEO Project, but I have been a bit distracted lately looking at legislation and we have had a fair bit of work to do. So I haven't made many amendments to the website, apart from updating for February and adding to the blog, news and when I did my quick SEO checks today I was very pleasantly suprised!

web site design swansea from position 95 to 51
website design swansea from 52 to 20!
web design swansea from 51 to 17!!!
swansea web design from 118 to 37
web designer swansea from 66 to 19
web development swansea from 61 to 13

It has taken longer than expected, and we're not on page 1 yet, but at least it proves that we do know what we're doing, that content does make a difference, as do regular updates!


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