Thursday, 30 April 2009

Writing Content for your website

April has flown & May is very nearly here. We have been pretty busy at Picseli, and have been searching for some blog posts that we feel would benefit our readers. So we have paid attention to our customers and one of the biggest issues faced is... writing website content!

It doesn't matter what your company does, it is a daunting task. You have about 30 seconds to write something exciting anough about your company that will make people want to stay and read more. So where do you start?

May Your Content be King
We have decided that May will be content month at Picseli, dedicated to helping you write content for your website. Now, we are not copywriters, but have written the content for our own website and, so far, it appears to be working for us. So we will let you into our little secrets and help you take the next steps in getting your website content written!

5 Part Series
Every Friday, throughout May and starting tomorrow, we will publish a post related to helping you write content for your website. So why not bookmark this page or subscribe to our blog feed to make sure you don't miss out? If you want to be emailed whenever a new post is uploaded send an email to


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