Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Tweet Inspiration

When you're stuck for something to tweet, take a look down the list below and something should inspire you!

Feel free to add more suggestions as comments too.


  1. 'Did you know?' facts about your cause
  2. An upcoming event
    • When is it?
    • Where is it?
    • Who will be there?
    • What's it for?
    • What's the aim?
  3. Your aims & objectives
    • How much money do you need to raise?
    • What is your mission?
    • How do you intend to get there?
    • How did you get started?
    • Why did you get started?
  4. The people involved
    • Trustees, your president or chairman, celebrities
    • Founders
    • Friends & Supporters
    • Sponsors
    • Say hello to new followers
    • Say thank you to re-tweeters
    • Facebook Fans
  5. News
    • Breaking news - what's just happened?
    • Are you in local or national press?
    • Has someone else tweeted about you? 
    • Articles relevant to your cause
    • Articles relevant to your location
    • Articles relevant to your followers
  6. Website
    • Your website address
    • Updates to your website
    • Link to Facebook page
  7. Images
    • Post publicity photos via TwitPic or YFrog
    • Old photos
    • Press images
    • Artist impressions
    • Photos of people
    • Photos of events
    • New logo or branding
  8. Fundraising
    • How much do you need to raise?
    • How much have you got so far?
    • How people are raising money
    • easyfundraising link
    • easysearch link
    • How people can help
    • Link to donation website or page
    • Link to online shops
    • How much was raised
  9. Ask a Question, then reply
    • 'What do you want to know about us?'
    • 'What would you like to see on our website?'
    • 'What events would you be interested in attending?'
    • 'How would you raise awareness for us?'
  10. Use #hashtags 
    • Get involved in #charitytuesday
    • Recommend for #followfriday
    • Or even #followmonday (#followtuesday, #followwednesday...)
  11. Use occasions
    • Say Happy Birthday
    • Merry Christmas
    • Happy New Year
    • Happy Easter
    • Happy Valentines Day
  12. Help others
    • Fundraising ideas
    • Re-tweet other causes' messages
    • Useful websites
    • Useful blog posts
    • Useful software
  13. Be personal
    • What kind of day are you having?
    • What's the weather like?
    • Are you going anywhere?
    • Have you been anywhere?
    • What are you doing today?
  14. Ask followers to help spread your message

I am not suggesting that you take this list, sit down at your computer and tweet all of it in one go - as this will probably lose you some followers! But if you haven't tweeted for a while and have a bit of 'tweeters block' take a look down the list, choose one and tweet away.


Benjy said...

I find it helps to imagine someone from your target audience (a real person that you actually want to "speak" to if possible).

And then have a think about what they would like to hear about.

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

It was nice to read this article. I feel so inspired! Thanks a lot!

Kelly0989 said...

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