Friday 2 January 2009

Will you stick to your New Year's Resolutions?

Happy New Year!

It's that time of year again when everyone decides to give up smoking, lose weight or start exercising. Or read more, start a hobby, become successful...the options are endless. It's a time to be positive and look at new beginnings, so is it time for a new beginning for your website or does it just need a bit of a detox? If you know your website needs sorting out but aren't sure exactly what needs doing, here are a few New Year's Resolution ideas for you.

1. I will update my website once/twice a month/week/day
2. I will improve my search engine position
3. I will get a website!!!!
4. I will start selling online
5. I will review all of my website content regularly
6. I will make sure my website is compliant with all relevant legistation (bit of a mouthful I know, but worthwhile none-the-less!)
7. I will start marketing my website
8. I will consider my user's needs and get my website to fit
9. I will start a blog
10. I will use my website to win new business

Our Resolutions this year are:
1. To post to this blog at least twice a week, including a 'How To' every Friday
2. To keep Tweeting
3. To keep the website up to date, ineresting and informative
4. To add fun stuff, such as games and downloads.

And to make sure we keep them, I have set up an account at

43Things is a website that allows you to 'List your Goals, Share your Progress, Cheer each other on'. Why not add your goals? Once they're written down they become a lot harder to ignore.

If you do decide on a website related resolution, please share it with us. Comment on this post or send me a tweet. If you need a bit more of a hand we are more than happy to help, give us a call today on 01792 222302 or email to find out how we can help you stick to your resolutions.

Good Luck!


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