Wednesday, 31 December 2008

The final SEO update for 2008

To round the year off on the great SEO experiment, the results are as follows:

web site design swansea from position 180 to 125
website design swansea from 133 to 64
web design swansea from 134 to 74
swansea web design from 143 to 129
web designer swansea from 131 to 74

Even for 'web site development swansea' we're at position 59.

But is it working? Are people getting to the website?
According to Google Analytics, 17.75% of our traffic is from Google organic searches for 'web development swansea', 'web design swansea' and 'web design company wales'.

We still have a bit more work to do...but it does look to me like content is definitely a big part of SEO work judging by the pretty large jump in results!

Happy New Year's Eve! Don't forget to make your new year's resolution a new website.


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