Monday, 8 December 2008

December Search Engine Update

I have been in Scotland for the last week and (quite sadly) one of the first thing I wanted to do on my return was find out whether the website has progressed in the search engines especially as nothing has changed on it since 27th November. It's good news... the resutls are in:

web site design swansea from position 132 to 128
website design swansea from position 101 to 76
web design swansea from position 99 to 85
swansea web design from position 154 to 125

With things starting to quiet down for Christmas I'll be spending a bit more time 'beefing up' the website and including content on things you will actually want to know, like prices and what we can do, more information on our e-commerce packages and a series on how to write content.

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