Wednesday 17 December 2008

Pre-Content Search Engine Update

Before I add the extra content to I thought I'd better have a baseline to measure against. I was quite disappointed when I found out that in Google we had dropped several pages for some keywords - but this does show you that we need to stay on top of SEO and how quickly things can change. The results are:

web site design swansea from 128 to 180
website design swansea from 76 to 133
web design swansea from 85 to 134
swansea web design from 125 to 143
web designer swansea from 81 to 131

I also added a few other searches:

web site development swansea - position 71
website development swansea - position 85
web development swansea - position 60

Then I decided to see how we were doing in the next most popular search engine - Yahoo!
I was delighted to see that we were doing pretty well!

web site design swansea - position 9!
website design swansea - position 6!
web design swansea - position 117
swansea web design - position 95
web site development swansea - position 7
website development swansea - position 2!!!

What are people searching for?
However, it doesn't matter how well you are doing in the search engines if no one is searching for that particular phrase. So I have decided to focus on the phrases that are beign searched for. According to the Google Adwords Tool, from the phrases I have been focusing on, the ones people are actually searching for are:

website design swansea (average monthly search volume = 140)
web design swansea (720)
swansea web design (720)
web design (823,000)

I also have a list of 200 recommended keywords that I can going to use to target the content on the recently added pages.


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