Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Search Engine Update

Due to the lack of blog posting and changes to the website, I was interested to see what effect this would have on our website search engine rankings... so here you are:

web site design swansea from position 51 to 14
website design swansea from 20 to 5 - PAGE 1!
web design swansea from 17 to 16
swansea web design from 37 to 30
web designer swansea from 19 to 16
web development swansea from 13 to 4 - PAGE 1!

So, as long as you have content that is targeted and relevant, and that the site is updated sometimes, you will do well in the search engines.

I am confident that the process could be sped up, but am none-the-less pleased with the results. To prove it is working (because there is no point being on page 1 of Google for phrases no one searched for!) we have had clients who have found us on Google give us a call.

To help improve your search engine rankings give us a call on 01792 222302 to find out how to best improve your website.

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