Friday, 7 January 2011

How to...merge your Facebook Page with your Places Page

Not a catchy title I know, but, you know, does what it says in the title (I hope!)

Back in December I blogged about How to Claim your business on Facebook Places and way (way) back in November 2008 I wrote a post explaining How to create a Facebook page for your Company. I have noticed that you now have the option to merge the two pages so you don't need to try to get 2 lots of fans ('likers') or update different statuses.

It is fairly straightforward, but as it is only the first week back in work....

So, first of all head to your Facebook Places page. This is how the current Picseli Places page looks:

Picseli's Page on Facebook Places

You'll notice that in the left hand column, just about the 'Share' button is a link that says 'Merge with existing page - click it and you will get a pop up box asking you which page you want to merge it with.

Merge pages pop-up box

Select the page you want to merge & click the 'Merge' button. You'll then be asked to confirm your choice.

Confirm request pop-up
And there you have it, your pages will be merged and any 'check ins' will now be visible on your main Facebook page, plus you'll see a 'Friend Activity' link (see box in left hand column below).

Merged Facebook pages

And there you have it. Simples!

I have been asked to update some previous posts as Facebook has changed the way they do things a bit, so if there are any How To guides you like to (they don't all have to be Facebook related) please let me know by commenting or send me a tweet.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

UPDATE: I have recieved an email from Facebook to say:
"We have scheduled the Page migration from Page "Picseli" ( to Page "Picseli" ( . It might take up to a week to complete the process. Thank you for your patience."

So whether there will be more changes, I don't know! Will keep you posted.

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