Friday, 13 May 2011

GOW 2011 - Act on Opportunity

 Day 5 of Green Office Week is all about Opportunity.

Taking the time to encourage discussion and planning in your office on how to become more green and carry on your commitment to think about the environment.

Here are today's tips:

1:  Utilise the week as a way of implementing changes FOR GOOD and spread the message. Inspire others and have pride in your achievements! 

2:  Tell colleagues about what they can do to make a difference

3:  Publicise your company’s environmental policy, or draw up a simple one if you do not have one (an example is available on the Green Office Week website) 

4:  Tell suppliers and customers what you are doing and encourage them to do the same

5:  Add a strapline to your email sign off to discourage people from printing it.

So, at the end of Green Office Week, what have we learned and what will we be taking away with us? Well, same as least year it has helped to highlight where we could do better in things such as choosing suppliers, making sure everyone is recycling not just the key drivers. So over the coming weeks we will be updating our environmental policy and issuing a reminder to all staff about what can be recycled, saving energy, and only printing when necessary.


Laura said...

Great advice.

Green Office Week certainly gave us all a fantastic excuse to think about our environment and how we can use it to benefit us, but it's something we can be aware of all year long.

As part of GOW, we've uploaded a webinar on how to use plants to improve your business - take a look at

Rhian said...

Hi Laura, thanks for popping by. It's great to have a week raising awareness of green issues, just hope it follows through to the rest of the year!

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